Put me in coach...

This week brought a return to the full schedule of Spring sports for my boys. Our schedules are full...between practices and games and the LAUNDRY. It is so much laundry. Every dirty uniform is a reminder of the hard work they put into their sports, however, I'm running out of stain remover fast. That said, I know I will look back on these days and miss them so much. I cherish watching my boys and their teammates grow through the season and the bond they form supporting each other. And while I am their biggest sideline cheerleader, I also love to photograph them doing their thing. My eldest has a certain expectation of having his big plays and moments documented. I think it comes with the territory of having a mom as a photographer. I have been photographing him all his life and he loves seeing what I caught after each game. It's become a bit of a post-game ritual for us. We sack out on the couch as I upload them and we review them together and edit them. Then he badgers me until I send them to him so he can share them with his teammates and post his photos.

Beyond photographing my boys and their teammates, I also offer sports action photography sessions. Professional sports action photos are great for kids and parents, whether it's for sharing with relatives, social media or to make a memory book as a treasured keepsake. For older kids, these sessions help build up a portfolio and social media profiles for college recruitment. Kids in the college recruitment process often hire photographers now to help document their games and get their profile out to their prospective colleges. For prospective college athletes, having a compelling online social media presence and portfolio of high quality images is an important tool to get noticed and stand out from the crowd of talented athletes. At this time, I am available for sports action photography in the Metrowest area of Massachusetts including Sudbury, Lincoln, Concord, Wayland, Weston, Hudson, Acton and many other local areas.

Email me at lisawestphotographyma@gmail.com to discuss your sports action photo needs.

xo- Lisa