The Perfect Spring Evening...

This past week in Massachusetts has felt like we have truly turned the page on Winter and Spring is here! The flowering trees are in full bloom and the spring perennials are putting on a show. I had the pleasure of meeting a mother and daughter for a portrait session in the tulip field at Ferjulian's Farm in Hudson, MA.

Now, it's time for real talk. This field is popular. Very popular. So popular that you have to make a reservation for a specific time to pick your flowers and, very often, they sell out picking slots. Besides friends and families all picking their tulips, it felt like all the influencers in New England showed up during this session. For a photographer trying to take photos that don't look like there are 500 people in the background, it can be challenging. The last thing I want to deliver is a gallery of photos where you can't tell who the actual subjects are because there are so many people in the photo. What does this mean? Bring your patience and a lot of it. You will have to wait between most shots for folks to walk behind your subjects or a big group taking their own photos. The location is beautiful and it's an amazing spot for photo sessions but come with realistic expectations of how long it will take to get those great shots.

With the caveat above, I must say I could not have asked for better clients on this spring evening. This mother-daughter duo (R & J) rolled with it. They picked flowers together, smiled and waited for me to set them up time and again. There are several boys in this family that did not get on board with a photo shoot in a tulip field. As a boy mom, I can understand that wasn't high on their list of activities for the weekend. I absolutely love that this gave R & J had a session just for themselves. Mothers and daughters have a special bond and it was beautiful to see their love for each other. I hope these will be treasured photos for them as J grows and their mother-daughter relationship evolves.

With all the time we had in the field, I also thoroughly enjoyed my time chatting with R. By the end of our session, we realized we have overlapping lives but somehow had yet to cross paths before. R found me via a Facebook posting but we soon discovered our boys play for the same soccer club and, *surprise*, two of our boys are on the same baseball team who's games start this evening. It really is a small world and I love how photography connects me to so many wonderful people.

I am offering a few sessions in a apple field with a lovely barn in the coming week once the trees are in bloom. If you are interested, drop me an email and we can plan it-!

I hope to see you in the field!

xo- Lisa