Congratulations to the Graduates- Class of 2024!

If you have driven around in Massachusetts in the past few weeks it is hard to miss that graduation season is upon us. From university graduates in their caps and gowns around Boston & Cambridge to signs and balloons affixed to the homes around suburban town for their graduates. This weekend was the graduation ceremony for Lincoln Sudbury Regional High Schools class of 2024. High School graduations are such an emotional time- the culmination of years of schooling, growth, maturity and experiences that will take these students on to the next stage of their life. As these students prepare to leave the comfort of their lives at home and everything they have known for the first 18 years of life, this is one last moment to celebrate their accomplishments with classmates and family. Many of these classmates met for the first time as little kindergartners leaving their moms and dads for the first time, and on graduation day they walk off that stage as a young adult ready to take on the world.

For parents, guardians, extended family members and friends it is a time to celebrate this young adult and all of their achievements. Families and friends gather from far and wide which can be the perfect time for family photos too! This weekend I was with a family that was gathering all together for the first time in many years to celebrate their high school graduate. Folks from out of state and out of the country were coming together so the family took the opportunity to have graduation portraits of their daughter and also an extended family photo shoot.

I know I say this all the time, but I meet the BEST people through this job. This family was so welcoming, warm and hysterical. Their love and enjoyment of each other was so apparent and shone through in every photo. They made my job very easy! Congrats to the graduate and all of the LS class of 2024!

xo- Lisa