Capturing a newly expanded family...

I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable family on a recent evening at their home. With a toddler and brand new twins, home is where the heart (and the convenience) is. I am always thrilled when clients want their portrait session at their own home. It is personal, comfortable and more convenient for young families. Young children can zip inside for a snack or potty break, to wash hands or a change of clothes if they managed to get dirty mid-session. There is also something special about capturing a family in the yard they play in every day or on the couch they all snuggle on at the end of a long day.

This family recently welcomed twin boys and mom asked for a family photo session for her Mother's Day gift. I was honored to be welcomed to their home to capture their newly expanded family. Big sister was a delight and full of energy. We were able to capture her playing and also a few portraits with mom and dad before she'd zip off again. We were also able to get some solo images of the twins with their parents. This gave me the opportunity to capture a lot of candid moments of the family as well. Those genuine smiles and moments of play and interaction are always my favorite moments in a photo session. Lastly, I am just amazed at how put together they were! I definitely did not look like this a few weeks after I had my babies.

As always, I am so grateful when I have the honor of capturing these special moments for families. I hope to continue to capture this family as their children grow through the years.

xo- Lisa